Traditional learning and online learning
Comparison of stress - traditional learning and online learning

Traditional learning and online learning both have a similar intention to educate everyone and change society. Traditional learning is a classroom setting done regularly. In this case, there is a teacher who regulates and moderates the information and knowledge. Then, the lecture expects the students to deepen their knowledge through written exercises at home. 

Online learning takes place over the internet or network technology. It’s interchangeable with the term e-learning. Online learning is accessible anywhere and anytime. Students who are not able to come to campus will be more benefited from this.  Many students are interested in online classes because of their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Although education takes place in a virtual environment, both students and teachers can hear and see each other. Since most of the platforms provide the facility of video classes.

Online learning vs traditional learning :

  • In online learning, the students can learn anywhere at any time but in traditional learning. They want to go to the regular attendance-based campus.
  • Online education Supports an independent learning style, whereas regular education  is more dependent on teachers and college or institutions
  • In traditional learning methods, we all have time to speak with others and make friends. But in online classes, they should be more lonely and stressful.
  • Teachers are who teach lessons in the classroom. But the online contender is the one who takes lessons online 
  • Online education refers to the learning process, which takes place in electronically supported gadgets like mobile, computers, etc, with the help of learning equipment. Whereas traditional learning refers to the conventional learning process that is present physically in classrooms.

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