Perceptions of students and teachers - online learning
Students and teachers perceptions of online learning

Online learning is a modern way of learning and teaching as well. Here we see about perceptions of teachers and students. Online courses teach how to manage time and students not only gain knowledge from the course. But they also sharpen their time management skills. The perceptions of students are online learning is comfortable as teachers’ perceptions also. Online learning is an internet-based or network-based learning environment that can connect students from different backgrounds or locations who have different perspectives.

Hence, the students will have the responsibility of engaging with the course despite in traditional ways simply showing up to class on an assigned day and time.  Online education is far more affordable as compared to traditional learning. This is because online education reduces the cost points of student meals, student transportation, and most importantly accommodation.

Perceptions of students and teachers :

The student’s perceptions are self-learning, low costs, convenience, and flexibility. Even though online learning works as a temporary alternative due to the pandemic period. It could not substitute traditional learning.

Studies did not address how the choice of primary devices like mobile phones or tablets or desktops/laptops. Where students use to access online courses that might contribute to the perception of online learning in general.

From the teacher’s perception, it is about mental and physical exhaustion. That many teachers are also struggling with a lack of resources.

Online education is useful during the current pandemic from the perspective of both teachers and students. At the same time, its efficiency is less effective than regular learning and teaching.

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