Student engagement in online learning.
student engagement in the online learning

Online education is suitable for those, who may not be able to attend classes regularly on traditional education. Student engagement in online learning becomes more active as a result of traditional education. That helps to communicate with other students through online chatting rather than direct interaction. Engaging the students is hard enough when in traditional education. But also in online learning, turns out to be better. Developing skills for learning and teaching online has become quite large. Importantly, this happened. When so much has changed during the pandemic.

Student engagement in online education refers to the responses to learning activities, persistence, or positive conduct and is indicated by participation. Cognitive engagement includes mental changes in learning activities and is indicated by strong learning, understanding, and self-regulation. Some of the engagement aspects include,

  • Motivation with Course Content through Activities.
  • Initiate Interaction and Create Faculty Presence.
  • Set their expectations and model their engagement.
  • Foster Interaction between Students and Create a Learning Community.
  • Create an Inclusive Environment.

Changes in online learning for students :

Being present in classes and creating interesting online learning materials in videos can attract students. Provide 1-to-1 sessions to develop their skills, and assign some group work to encourage teamwork. next, creating an online forum for discussions that helps to build their relationship with others. It asks for regular feedback to change the odd one and teach wisely. Challenge the students to keep doing and get good grades.

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