studies after BA Western Classical Music

After completing a BA Western Classical Music program, there are various higher studies that individuals can consider to further specialize in their field or broaden their knowledge in related areas. Here are some potential higher studies options after BA Western Classical Music program:

Master degree options:

Master’s in Western Classical Music:

Pursuing a Master’s degree in Western Classical Music allows individuals to deepen their understanding of specific genres, historical periods, or aspects of music theory and composition. It can also provide advanced performance training.

Master’s in Music Education:

After a BA Western Classical Music, for those interested in teaching, a Master’s in Music Education can be a valuable option. This program focuses on pedagogy, curriculum development, and advanced teaching techniques for music educators.

Master’s in Musicology:

Musicology involves the scholarly study of music, including its history, theory, and cultural context. A Master’s in Musicology program allows individuals to engage in research, writing, and critical analysis of musical works.

Master’s in Composition:

Aspiring composers can pursue a Master’s in Composition to refine their skills in creating original musical works. This program often includes opportunities to collaborate with performers and explore innovative compositional techniques.

Master’s in Music Technology:

This program is suitable for those interested in the technical aspects of music production, recording, and sound design. It covers the use of technology in music creation and offers training in digital audio production.

Master’s in Arts Administration:

Arts Administration programs are designed for individuals interested in managing cultural organizations, music festivals, or concert venues. This type of program covers aspects of arts management, marketing, fundraising, and event planning.

Other degree options:

Doctorate in Music (Ph.D. in Music):

Individuals seeking a terminal degree in music and aiming for careers in academia, research, or advanced artistic practice may consider pursuing a Ph.D. in Music. This program often involves original research and a dissertation.

Performance Diplomas or Certificates:

Many conservatories and music schools offer performance diplomas or certificates that focus specifically on advanced instrumental or vocal training. These programs often include intensive performance requirements.

Artist Diplomas:

Artist Diploma programs are highly focused on performance and are intended for advanced musicians seeking an immersive and specialized experience in their instrument or voice.

Certificate Programs in Music Therapy:

For those interested in music therapy, certificate programs in music therapy provide specialized training in therapeutic techniques, assessments, and applications of music in healthcare settings.

Interdisciplinary Studies:

After a BA Western Classical Music, some individuals may choose interdisciplinary studies by combining their musical expertise with other fields. Such as arts management, psychology, or technology.

International Music Programs:

Consider exploring opportunities to study at renowned international music institutions or participate in exchange programs to gain exposure to different musical traditions and teaching methodologies.

Professional Development Workshops and Seminars:

After, a BA Western Classical Music, one can attend workshops, seminars, and masterclasses offered by experienced musicians, educators, and industry professionals to enhance specific skills or gain insights into current trends and practices in the field.


Before choosing a higher studies option, individuals should carefully consider their career goals, personal interests, and the specific areas of music they wish to explore. Additionally, networked with professionals after my BA Western Classical Music program in the field, seeking guidance from mentors. Staying informed about developments in the music industry can help individuals make informed decisions about their educational paths.

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