MA Bharatanatyam course

MA Bharatanatyam course (Master of Arts in Bharatanatyam)is a postgraduate program that focuses on the advanced study and practice of the traditional Indian classical dance form of Bharatanatyam. The MA Bharatanatyam program typically lasts two years, divided into multiple semesters. Candidates are generally required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Bharatanatyam or a related field from a recognized university.

Subjects covered:

The curriculum of the MA Bharatanatyam program may include both theoretical and practical components. Common subjects covered in the MA Bharatanatyam course are:

  • Advanced Bharatanatyam Techniques: In-depth study and practice of advanced dance techniques, postures, and expressions.
  • Bharatanatyam Repertoire: Learning and performing traditional Bharatanatyam repertoire.
  • Theory of Dance: Theoretical aspects of Bharatanatyam, including its history, philosophy, and aesthetics.
  • Choreography: Training in choreography, allowing students to create their dance compositions.
  • Music for Dance: Understanding the musical elements and rhythms associated with Bharatanatyam.

Career opportunities:

The career opportunities for MA Bharatanatyam program graduates include:

Graduates can pursue careers as professional Bharatanatyam dancers, performing in solo or group productions. Teaching Bharatanatyam at schools, colleges, dance academies, or conducting private dance classes. Creating dance compositions and choreographing performances for individuals or dance troupes. Working in cultural institutions, museums, or government organizations focused on promoting and preserving traditional dance forms. Involvement in event management, coordinating dance performances, festivals, and cultural events.

Collaborating with musicians, composers, and other artists to create interdisciplinary performances. MA Bharatanatyam course graduates engaging in research and documentation of Bharatanatyam, contributing to the academic understanding of the dance form. Opportunities may exist to contribute to the media and entertainment industry, including participation in films, television shows, or cultural documentaries.

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