Blended education of teaching and learning.
Blended education of teaching and learning

Blended learning education is a learning approach that combines teaching, classroom training, and online learning methods. The online learning portion of the training doesn’t replace physical training with a teacher. Blended learning education is an educational strategy that combines online education with conventional learning. Blended teaching incorporate technology to enhance the learning experience and broaden their understanding of certain topics. For example, In blended learning most importantly they can share a link to a video, or study material, guide students to watch it at home, email their review to a lecture, and then discuss it later.

Digital tools like a laptop and computers should be able to be reached by the students. To get some control over the speed or lessons of their learning. Blended teaching is one of the types given to the educational purpose of combining digital learning tools with more traditional classroom direct teaching. Especially, In true blended teaching and learning surrounding means both the teacher and the student. Generally, Should be physically located in the same space environment

Main purpose of blended learning and teaching :

  • Blended learning means giving freedom to see how students progress at their own pace and the points are following below.
  • However, Students can advance course concepts and material as needed when they feel ready.
  • It can reduce stress levels in studies, encourage deeper learning, and increase student understanding. Teachers can become more connected with their students. The blended learning method presents an increased opportunity for students to connect with their lectures and teachers.
  • It is easy for students to look back on earlier materials. To move through the course at their comfortable location.

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