The biggest challenge facing online education.
The biggest challenges facing in online education

The biggest challenge facing online education which has no physical presence in the classroom. Allows students to take part in lessons and interact with peers from any place. The students not only gain knowledge from the course, but they also develop their time management skills. Most importantly, loneliness is the biggest challenge facing online education.

This term refers to online learning based on the internet with modern technologies. This form of education is well-planned. The pandemic period has severely affected education systems around the world. During the pandemic period, distance education and other education systems were temporarily close in an attempt to reduce the impact of Corona.

Challenges facing in online education :

Feelings of Isolation – students’ ability to study, work, and pursue other interests all at the same time is affecting them. But the absence of their classmates and teachers in the immediate changes of environment can affect students to feel isolated and feeling lonely. 

Less motivation – Some students find it hard to focus during online learning, due to the lack of physical interaction. The motivation is that students need to attend classes regularly, and meet deadlines.

Technical issues – Teachers also face low internet connection, and video glitches, among other things. These issues disrupt teaching as well as learning and make online learning tough.

 Online Distractions – On mobile getting notifications from messages, videos, and social media can distract students from their lessons and assignments. It’s very easy for them to start scrolling through these platforms. They’re distracted by those notifications

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