Models of blended learning
Models of blended learning

Models of Blended learning can also combine other concepts besides classes and lectures. But instead of using digitized reading materials, practice exercises with feedback. A mix of videos, pre, and post-learning assessments, and weekly surveys, with direct elements in the form of presentations, study groups, interactions, and formative assessments. There are a variety of different models of blended learning.

Some levels of various definitions and the exact parameters of each method are subject to definition. These categories describe the models for blended learning.

Types of blended learning models:

Flipped model – In a flipped classroom blended learning method, the regular learning classwork gets inverting. Instead of learners attending a direct training session followed by some online learning methods. This model puts the focus on online learning.

Direct blending learning – The face-to-face blended learning to type is the nearest to regular learning, as most of the training. Takes place in a classroom setting, under the guidance of teachers.

Rotational blending learning- In the rotational blended learning method. Students are expected to follow a regular learning method and rotate through both face-to-face interaction and self-paced online learning. The schedules are fixed but flexible.

Flex model -The flex blended learning type gives students a flexible and personalized learning experience that is specifically for their needs. This type allows online learning to take the lead as the transmitter of the material in the overall learning experience. 

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