An M.A. in Public Administration (MPA) equips you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of government and non-profit organisations. Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects:

Course Details:

Duration of this course is typically 2 years and the program involves a mix of coursework, seminars, case studies, group projects, and potentially a final thesis or comprehensive exam.


Core Courses: Public Policy Analysis, Public Administration Theory, Organisational Behaviour, Budgeting & Financial Management, Human Resource Management in Public Sector.

Elective Courses: Depending on the university, you might have a wide range of electives to choose from, such as:

Non-profit Management

Urban Planning

Environmental Policy

Public Health Administration

Social Welfare Policy

Technology & Public Administration


Bachelor’s Degree: A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline is typically required. Some universities might prefer candidates with social science backgrounds (Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology etc.).

Minimum Marks: The minimum percentage requirement for marks can vary depending on the university. It usually ranges from 50% to 60%. Some universities might consider entrance exams for admission.

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