M.Sc Botany graduates ~ Job offers!!!
M.Sc Botany graduates ~ Job offers!!!

The Master of Science in Botany covers every topic of plant biology in great detail and briefly. After completing this M.Sc Botany course graduates generally go on to build a career in a different field. Some students also go for research and higher studies.

The students willing to take higher studies pursue Ph.D. courses in Botany. An M.Sc Botany course student can build a career in many paths. Then, an M.Sc Botany degree is generally a theoretical course along with some opportunities for academic research which are accompanied by laboratory work.

Master of Science in Botany is a 2-year course that is generally spilt into four semesters. M.Sc Botany degree covers subjects like plant physiology, plant kingdom, Taxonomy, microbiology, genetics, and ecology.

M.Sc Botany career scope:

Starting from school teachers to microbiological and virological research, many different fields and job profiles are open for these candidates. Master of Science in Botany provides you with career scope options and job opportunities in many different kinds of fields and has a huge scope in the future.

Most of the problems facing nowadays are related to the field of Botany. Then, the problems related to forests, climate change, and desertification, can be easily solved with a better understanding of Botany. Creating huge job opportunities for M.Sc Botany course graduate is a solution.

In the public sector, opportunities await in areas like public health service, national park services, department of agriculture, forest service, departments of conservation, and land management. In the private sector, the opportunities are in the oil industry, food companies, seed companies, fruit growers, and biotechnology firms.

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