After completing your M.A. in Public Administration (MPA), you have several options for further studies, depending on your career aspirations:

Ph.D. in Public Administration or Public Policy:

Focus: This path is ideal if you aim for a career in academia or research-oriented roles within government agencies or think tanks. You’ll delve deeper into public policy analysis, research methodologies, and advanced theories of public administration.

Duration: Typically 4-6 years, depending on the program and your research progress.


Advanced Research Skills: Gain expertise in conducting independent research that contributes to the field of public administration.

Teaching & Research Careers: Qualifies you for professorships at universities and research positions in government agencies or research institutions.

Policy Leadership: Prepares you for leadership roles in shaping public policy based on research and evidence.

Master’s Programs in Specialized Areas:

Consider these options if you want to deepen your knowledge in a specific aspect of public administration:

Master of Public Policy (MPP): This program focuses specifically on the policymaking process, analysis of policy impacts, and program evaluation. Ideal if you want to work on developing and implementing impactful public policies.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Public Administration Specialization: This combines core business principles with public administration knowledge, preparing you for leadership roles in government agencies or non-profit organizations.

Master of Science in Nonprofit Management: Focuses on the management and leadership of non-profit organizations, equipping you with skills in fundraising, program development, and governance.

Urban Planning or Public Health Programs: These specialized programs provide in-depth knowledge for careers in urban development, public health policy, and related government or non-profit sectors.

Executive Education Programs: Many universities offer short, intensive courses on specific topics in public administration, public policy, or leadership, ideal for working professionals seeking to enhance their skillset.

Professional Certifications: Earning certifications like Certified Public Manager (CPM) or Certified Government Finance Manager (CGFM) can demonstrate your expertise and boost your resume for specific public service careers.

Remember, an M.A. in Public Administration is a strong foundation for further studies. By carefully considering your goals and interests, you can choose the best path to advance your career in the ever-evolving field of public service or related sectors.

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