Career in B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering.

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering graduates can work in government offices related to aviation. Apart from this, they can work in the Ministry of Defence, ISRO, Civil Aviation, National Aeronautical Laboratory, Government and Private Airlines, Aircraft Design Firms, and then Space Research Departments. Also, B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering degree students will be exposed to current practices and career opportunities in the international aviation industry. Those who opt for this field have a very bright future ahead of them. 

  • Ministry of Defence.
  • ISRO.
  • Civil Aviation.
  • National Aeronautical Laboratory.
  • Government and private airlines.
  • Aircraft design firms.
  • Department of Space Research.

Then, the B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering course provides more focus on applied mechanical engineering concepts along with electronics for aeronautical operations. B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering course will also be electrical core subjects about flight operations.

Roles in B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering:

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering specializes in the maintenance and creation of aircraft and aircraft-related technologies for improved functioning of the aeronautics and defense industry.  Some of the career under this specialized branch of B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering degree are:

  • Aeronautical Engineers
  • Flight Engineers
  • Aeronautical Mechanical Engineers
  • Aeronautical Electronic Engineers

After the B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering course, the graduates get an average salary in India between Rs 5-6 lakh per annum. They have a great chance to work in the government sector. Then, the salaries in the government sector are resolved as per the income for the particular post. Also, B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering has a wide scope of getting high salaries by combining creative ideas and skill in one field. This B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering degree field has a good scope of careers abroad also. 

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