BBA Interior Designing Subjects | Higher studies | Benefits
BBA Interior Designing Subjects | Higher studies | Benefits

The BBA Interior Designing course is a great option for those interested in a career in interior design. It also provides students with the knowledge and skills required to become successful interior designers. Then, the BBA Interior Designing degree subjects focus on understanding design principles, aesthetic principles, and the practical aspects of interior design.

By completing the BBA Interior Designing course, students will also have the knowledge and skills needed to create beautiful and functional spaces for clients. BBA course students also learn about business practices, project management, and marketing principles.

Subjects for BBA Interior Designing:

A BBA Interior Designing course will depend on the specific curriculum and syllabus that is followed at the particular institute offering the course. BBA Interior Designing degree one of the subjects of Computer Aided Design teaches students how to use computer programs to create virtual 3D models of interiors. Then, students learn how to use CAD software to create sketches, blueprints, and renderings.  

  • Introduction to Interior Design
  • Space Planning & Furniture Design
  • Art & Architecture History
  • Color Theory
  • Building Materials & Finishes
  • Computer-Aided Design 
  • Textiles & Upholstery
  • Drafting & Technical Drawing
  • History of Furniture
  • Kitchen & Bath Design
  • Architectural Drawing

Higher studies after BBA interior designing:

The BBA Interior Designing degree offers a comprehensive foundation in the fundamentals of interior design, including color, space planning, and also about fabrics. Students learn the basics of interior design, such as the principles of design and the history and theory of interior design. Students of the BBA course gain the skills necessary to enter the field of interior design. They also learn how to apply these skills to create functional and aesthetically pleasing living and working spaces.  

  • PG Diploma in Interior Design
  • Master in Interior Design
  • Masters in Architecture
  • Masters in Landscape Architecture
  • MPhil in Interior Design
  • Ph.D. in Interior Design
  • Ph.D. in Architecture
  • Ph.D. in Building Design and etc.,

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