What Can I Do After B.Tech Electrical & Electronics?
What Can I Do After B.Tech Electrical & Electronics?

Since B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree is such a diverse field, there are many career options you can pursue after completing a B.Tech course in the field. You can become a professor in the field. Most universities require at least M.Tech qualifications from applicants. There are many virtual educators who may recruit professionals holding a B.Tech Electrical Engineering course.

B.Tech Electrical Engineering course students get a job in many Electrical Engineering sectors. Job offers for a B.Tech degree are open in both public as well as private sectors such as electricity boards, large-scale industries, hydroelectricity power plants, manufacturing plants, etc. B.Tech degree graduates are hired in almost all manufacturing units. The experience electrical engineers get to design computer chips, electrical motors, aircraft, automobiles, and space crafts.

The career scope after finishing your B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree depends on which are engineering and design. B.Tech degree graduates should decide to branch out into non-core fields, like management. Planning a career in engineering, you can opt for advanced, postgraduate study, or join the workforce immediately.

B.Tech Electrical & Electronics higher courses:

MTech: With a B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree. You can go in for an MTech in power system engineering, nanotechnology, robotics, computer engineering, and more. After an MTech, you can teach at a reputed institution, join a research facility, or work in the public and private sectors.

Master of Science: Another option is to pursue advanced studies overseas in the form of an MS (Master of Science) degree. MS courses in many US universities are often funded, so look out for universities that offer scholarships.

Ph.D. : During and after a Ph.D., you can work as a researcher and an engineering professor. Salary ranges are too wide to discuss here,

MBA: Now if you are planning a non-core career, a postgraduate diploma program in management, or an MBA from a reputable business school or institution. Following an MBA you can work as an analyst, executive, or manager with Indian and multinational corporations. 

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