Syllabus in B.Tech Aerospace Engineering - Mentioned Here!!!
Syllabus in B.Tech Aerospace Engineering - Mentioned Here!!!

The syllabus of the B.Tech Aerospace Engineering course includes applied thermodynamics, engineering mechanics, aircraft maintenance, and aerodynamics. B.Tech Aerospace Engineering degree teaching is quite different from other engineering subjects. Since this is an applied specialization.

This B.Tech course is divided into four parts foundational issues in the core-based subjects combined with lab classes, and then in industrial training. The course also provides more focus on applied mechanical engineering concepts along with electronics for aeronautical operations. 

Furthermore, the B.Tech Aerospace Engineering course is a branch of engineering that takes its name from the type of mechanism it was involved in. Then, this field involves the design, development, and production of flight-capable devices. To begin a career as an aeronautical engineer, you must first have an interest in it. It might be difficult to move on in the career if you do not have an interest. 

Subjects in B.Tech Aerospace Engineering:

B.Tech Aerospace Engineering course structure is different compared to other engineering streams. Since B.Tech Aerospace Engineering involves application-based engineering study, the syllabus is structured as a combination of core and elective subjects.

Generally, the core Subjects covered under the B.Tech Aerospace Engineering degree are as follows:

  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Aircraft Systems and Instrumentation
  • Control Engineering
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Basic Avionics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Flight mechanics
  • Propulsion
  • Aerodynamics

Then, the B.Tech course in Aerospace Engineering Lab Subjects are:

  • Material Strength Laboratory
  • Avionics Lab
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Electives Lab
  • Control Engineering
  • Aerodynamics Laboratory
  • Propulsion Laboratory
  • Workshops

Finally, the Elective Subjects of the B.Tech Aerospace Engineering degree are:

  • Fundamentals of Combustion
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Civil Aviation Requirements
  • Advanced Aerospace Structures 
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Advanced Propulsion Systems
  • Renewable Energy for Aeronautical Engineering

Finally, the B.Tech course enjoys constant job openings, including aerospace technology, aircraft electronics, aerospace robotics, and much more.

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