Subjects in MBA Logistics Management
Subjects in MBA Logistics Management

Basically, the subjects in the MBA Logistics Management course deal with product supervision, client relationships management, goods handling, controlling services, and sales. This course is also ideal for students with strong management control; The high-spirited team plays excellent communication skills. The MBA Management course also includes business management, business communication, corporate management, accounting, economics, finance management, and much more. 

Moreover, this MBA Management course provides many job scopes in different sectors like industries, airports, transport, hospitality, government, healthcare, product-based firms, human resources, corporate companies, finance management, etc. The MBA Logistics Management course falls under the branch of the MBA.

The subjects of an MBA Logistics Management course provide knowledge about basic management training and specialization in logistics management studies. The syllabus covers finance and accounts, transports and distributions, economics, statistics, logistics management, business management, supply chain management, etc. 

Essential subjects in MBA Logistics:

  • Business Communication
  • Public-Private Partnership and Port Development
  • International Trade Procedures & Documentation
  • Procurement, Storage, and Warehouse Management
  • Fundamentals of Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation & Distribution Management
  • Principles & Practices of Management
  • Business Statistics & Quantitative Techniques
  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Reporting, Statements & Analysis

The MBA Logistics Management course is a few skills to be improved to become the best logistics manager. Also, MBA Management course students should analyze and identify their own strengths and weaknesses. Then, it’s important to work on personal skill development along with academic skills. Working on one’s interpersonal skills is more important to become the best management leader. To be at the peak of a business administration career aspirants should have good leadership qualities. This course is also available in distance education.

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