Subjects in BA History course
Subjects covered in the BA History course

BA History studies the course of human civilization in the change of power, development of the economy, and also knowledge of cultures. The BA History course also covers the subjects of the birth and growth of various civilizations. Also, this course equips students with research abilities and qualitative and quantitative skills for their career scope. These courses are the same as the distance education method many institutions offer it. BA History course syllabus also includes some of the core subjects like USA and USSR History Medieval India, Ancient Indian History, World History, and so on.

From a wide range of perspectives like economic, geographical, social, and cultural. Students will also get a wide range of knowledge to comprehend and assess the main contributions made to the world by the various civilizations. From the ancient age to the modern age, how human beings evolved. The different historical cultures and memorial events that happened in different time periods are covered in this course.

Major subjects in BA History :  

Here are some of the major topics that students know from this BA history course. This is one of the favored courses who want to work in the archeological field and also in civil services. The subjects that cover in BA History are listed out below:

  • History of India (from Ancient up to 600 AD)
  • History of India (from 600 AD to 1500 AD)
  • History of India (1500 AD to 1800 AD)
  • History of India (1800 AD to Modern times)
  • Ancient World History
  • Transformation of Europe
  • European History
  • World Politics
  • History of East Asia
  • History of the United States of America
  • History of Latin America 

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