M.A Astrology in Bharathiar University - How To Apply?

The M.A Astrology at Bharathiar University is a two-year postgraduate program that focuses on the study of astrological science. The M.A Astrology subjects provide in-depth knowledge of astrology and its related concepts. M.A Astrology subjects cover topics such as the history and development of astrology, the various branches of astrology. The Indian system of astrology, the application of astrology, the use of astrological charts, and the interpretation of astrological data.

Generally, students learn how to apply astrological principles to human life and gain a comprehensive understanding of the major aspects of astrology. Then upon completion of the M.A Astrology at Bharathiar University, students are expected to be able to interpret astrological charts and provide advice and guidance to individuals.

The M.A Astrology at Bharathiar University is to give students a comprehensive understanding of the principles of astrology and its application in day-to-day life. M.A Astrology subjects provide students with sound theoretical knowledge and also a practical understanding of the principles and techniques of astrology. Then, the  M.A Astrology Online program is split into two parts – Theory and Practical. M.A Astrology Online program has a total duration of two years. M.A Astrology Course subjects list below:

  • Fundamentals of Astrology
  • Astrological Calculations
  • Predictive Astrology
  • Mundane Astrology
  • Medical Astrology
  • Psychological Astrology
  • Astrological Research Methods

M.A Astrology requires dedication and hard work to master the topics. The M.A Astrology course involves a deep understanding of astrology, such as the various planets and their influences, as well as a study of the zodiac and its signs. M.A Astrology students must also learn to interpret birth charts and make predictions.

What is the scope of M.A Astrology?

M.A Astrology online offers a wealth of career opportunities for those interested in studying the science of the stars and planets. An M.A Astrology jobs are to become an astrologer, a consultant, a researcher, a teacher, or even a writer. You can pursue a career in the field of astrological psychology or the astrology field of astrological healing. M.A Astrology jobs as a consultant, offering your services to individuals or corporations. 

M.A Astrology jobs as a researcher, studying the influence of the stars and planets on human behavior. As a teacher, you can teach astrology at colleges and universities, or in private classes. You can also write books on astrology or provide online courses. M.A Astrology If you are interested in astrological psychology, you can also use your degree to help people understand why they behave the way they do. You can use astrological techniques to help people better cope with stress, anxiety, and other psychological issues. 

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Related FAQ:

What is MA in astrology in India?

In India, an M.A. in Astrology is a postgraduate degree program that provides in-depth knowledge of astrology and its various aspects, such as horoscope analysis, predictive techniques, and remedial measures.

Can I do Masters in astrology?

Yes, you can pursue a master’s degree in astrology if you meet the eligibility and also find a suitable program offered by a recognized institution.