Is a BA Drawing and Painting possible in distance education?
Is a BA Drawing and Painting possible in distance education?

BA Drawing and Painting in distance education at the undergraduate level has a minimum duration of three years. The B.A Drawing and Painting degree students who are desirous to make a career in drawing and painting can opt for this course. Various drawing skills and techniques are provided to students during the BA course.

The eligibility criteria for this BA Drawing and Painting in distance education are the same as distance education. Then, the BA course candidates should have passed their 10th, +2 class from a recognized school board. The BA course is for young aspiring artists in the professional line. It is important to keep this in account before taking this degree.

Advantages of BA Drawing and Painting:

  • The students can target jobs in different fields after completing their B.A Drawing and Painting degree from correspondence like teaching, drawing management, and graphics design.
  • Also, get to improve their way of presenting and communicating with the audience about their painting.
  • BA Drawing in distance education provides the field of arts and drawing; for students interested in drawing.
  • This degree allows you to explore the world around you and see the beauty of the environment naturally.
  • Many of the students taking the field of drawing and painting are self-employed. 
  • But at the same time, it is also clear that keen competition is there at both places-salaried jobs and freelance work.

The Main aim B.A Drawing and Painting degree is to develop visual skills while exploring the role of art in contemporary society. Students will also have the chance to develop a portfolio that reflects their individual styles. Drawing and Painting students need to explore all forms of art, from traditional and text-based works. The BA Drawing and Painting in distance education adds to the value of qualification for an artist. 

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