Distance education in developing countries
Distance education in developing countries

Nowadays, education is more expensive for many of them because they are not affordable to study. To rectify this problem distance education started in many places and also in developing countries. Distance education helps students in developing countries to improve their technical skills, learn to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information, and approach problem-solving more pragmatically.

Some studies show that  9% of money increase in hourly earnings for every extra year of schooling. It can also help reach people where there is a lack of infrastructure, such as roads or transportation. Distance learning is available with less cost, and more flexibility. In fact, distance learning upgrades earnings, employment, health, and poverty reduction. 

Benefits of Distance Education: In distance education, there are a lot of advantages to learning. Major points are listed below as a point :

  •          Saves money in learning
  •          Develop the uneducated individuals.
  •          Most importantly saves time
  •          It helps students develop their technical skills
  •          Offers more networking opportunities.
  •          Eliminates the commute and hassle of getting to class.
  •          It’s flexible 

How can education help developing countries?

Education is the only way to developing countries that is a strong reason. Developing countries should strengthen their education structure, such as building and promoting educational welfare projects, and qualified schools, and also including the provision of school meals, free textbooks, and transportation to and from school. Education is reduced poverty, it can open the door to jobs and skills that help a person not only survive. But thrive and also recourses. This is why access to quality education is a worldly recognizing solution or answer to change poverty. Especially, distance learning is the easiest way to learn.

Government schools are an important strategy to support students, especially in high-poverty areas, and can support social services and their health, youth, and community development, and community engagement in government also provide distance education courses to study.

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