After completing an M.A. in Economics, you have two main options for further studies:

1. Ph.D. in Economics:

Focus: This is the traditional path for those who want to become academic researchers or economics professors. A Ph.D. program delves into advanced economic theory, research methods, and specialized areas of economics.

Duration: Typically 4-6 years, depending on the program and your research progress.


Research Expertise: Gain in-depth knowledge and the ability to conduct original research that contributes to the field of economics.

Teaching & Research Careers: Qualifies you for professorships at universities and research positions in government agencies, think tanks, or private research institutions.

Highly Specialized Skills: Develops advanced quantitative and analytical skills applicable in various research-oriented fields.

 Master’s Programs in Specialized Fields:

If you’re interested in a specific area of economics, several specialized Master’s programs can provide focused  knowledge and enhance your skillset:

Master of Business Administration (MBA): This broadens your understanding of business principles and prepares you for leadership roles in business and finance. Specialization tracks in finance or economics might be available.

Master of Finance (M.Fin): Focuses on financial markets, investment analysis, and financial modeling. Ideal if you want a career in investment banking, financial analysis, or asset management.

Master of Public Administration (MPA): Explores public policy analysis, budgeting, and program evaluation. A good choice if you’re interested in economic policy or working in government agencies.

Master of Quantitative Finance: Delves into advanced mathematical and statistical methods used in financial markets.

Data Science Programs: These programs equip you with skills in data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization – valuable assets for analyzing economic data.

Professional Certifications: Earning certifications like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can enhance your resume depending on your career goals.

Executive Education Programs: Short, intensive programs can provide focused knowledge and skills development for working professionals.

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