Higher studies in BA English literature course 
Higher studies in BA English literature course 

BA English literature course also allows the students to explore the different types of English concepts and writers in those times. And then there are various higher education and career options in BA English literature available in print and electronic media to pursue a writing career as a journalist, novelist, reporter, editor, scriptwriter, or copywriter.

BA English Literature is one of the most popular courses that students can choose. There are many higher education options for graduates who have completed their BA course in English Literature. Further higher education courses are offered at the master’s level and doctorate levels. There are many opportunities and also professional options available after completing BA in English Literature. Students can also pursue higher education or pursue a job in the Advertising Sector

  • MA in English and Communication Studies
  • Master of Arts in English Literature
  • Master of Arts in Human Resource Management
  • Master of Arts in Communicative English
  • Master of Arts in Personnel Management
  • Master of Arts in Public Administration
  • Master of Arts in Travel and Tourism Management
  • Master of Philosophy in English Literature
  • Doctor of Philosophy in English
  • Doctor of Philosophy in English Literature
  • Advanced Diploma in Modern Indian Language
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing in English
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Language Teaching
  • Post Graduate Diploma in the Teaching of English

Career Opportunities after Higher education in BA English :

Various career opportunities are awaiting students who have completed masters or doctorate courses in English literature. Especially, those with MA qualifications can apply for teaching jobs in academic fields like universities or colleges. Those with NET qualifications can seek employment in government colleges with attractive salary packages. 

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