scope of MA Bharatanatyam

Studying MA Bharatanatyam degree opens up the scope for various opportunities and a promising future for individuals passionate about this classical Indian dance form. Here are some aspects of the future scope for those who pursue an MA Bharatanatyam degree:

Future Scope:

Professional Bharatanatyam Performance:

Graduates can establish themselves as professional Bharatanatyam performers, either as solo artists or as part of dance ensembles. They may perform at national and international platforms, contributing to the preservation and promotion of this traditional art form.

Choreography and Dance Direction:

MA Bharatanatyam program graduates can pursue careers as choreographers, creating dance compositions for performances, thematic productions, and cultural events. They may also take on roles as dance directors, shaping the artistic direction of dance companies.

Teaching and Education:

Many graduates choose to become Bharatanatyam teachers, imparting their knowledge to the next generation of dancers. They can teach at dance schools, colleges, and universities, or establish their dance academies.

Artistic Direction and Management:

Graduates may take on roles as artistic directors or managers of dance institutions, overseeing the artistic vision, management, and growth of dance schools or companies.

Cultural and Heritage Conservation:

MA Bharatanatyam program graduates contribute to the conservation and promotion of cultural heritage. They play a role in preserving and passing on the rich traditions and history associated with Bharatanatyam.

Collaborations with Other Art Forms:

Bharatanatyam artists often collaborate with musicians, visual artists, and practitioners of other art forms. Graduates can explore interdisciplinary collaborations, contributing to the fusion of traditional and contemporary artistic expressions.


Research and Documentation:

Pursuing research in Bharatanatyam allows graduates to contribute to the academic understanding of this dance form. They can engage in documentation, archival work, and scholarly research to further the knowledge base.

Community Outreach and Education:

Graduates can engage in community outreach and education initiatives, conducting workshops, lecture demonstrations, and outreach programs to spread awareness and appreciation for Bharatanatyam.

International Performances and Collaborations:

Bharatanatyam artists have opportunities to perform on international stages and collaborate with artists from around the world, contributing to the global dialogue on dance and cultural exchange.

Arts Entrepreneurship:

MA Bharatanatyam program graduates may choose to venture into arts entrepreneurship, establishing dance schools, production companies, or cultural organizations focused on promoting Bharatanatyam.

Media and Entertainment:

Opportunities exist for Bharatanatyam artists in the media and entertainment industry. They may participate in television shows, films, and documentaries, or contribute to cultural programs.

Online Platforms and Digital Presence:

Embracing digital platforms, graduates can create and share Bharatanatyam content online, reaching a wider audience and contributing to the digital promotion of this art form.


The future scope for MA Bharatanatyam degree graduates is diverse and dynamic, offering a range of avenues for artistic expression, education, research, and cultural preservation. The passion for Bharatanatyam can lead to a fulfilling and impactful career in the world of performing arts.

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