Evolution of Online Learning - How it is useful?
Evolution of Online Learning - How it is useful?

Distance education is one of the best ways of learning at the current time. Many institutions and colleges offer distance education courses. Likewise, many students aspire to join in distance education more than in regular classes. So here we will discuss the evolution of distance and online learning below.

Distance Education is more flexible for students and comfortable for studying. Candidates have more time to do many things in their careers. Many of them don’t have knowledge about the evolution of online learning. Online learning is nothing but virtual learning where the students can attend their classes via the internet.

Online learning is also a process of learning with modern technologies. Studying advances in technology allow students to explore their knowledge in various fields. Apart from classmates, the online learner has the option to socialize with others, watch lectures, and participate in subject-specific discussions.

Evolution Of Online Learning:

In ancient times, there are no opportunities or availability to study at our own places. Students want to go to school or college in a regular mode. Teachers began the process that a more active role for students in the teaching and learning process. Educators began using some technologies such as mailing lists and newsgroups to stimulate interaction in the 90s. Technologies are well-developed to educate the students in their places. Online education tools and methods are expanded widely in the 20th century.

Nowadays, online learning is more chosen for the learning process because of many reasons. Learning management systems allow the designing, creation, and manages study courses as well as supporting content delivery, monitoring, user registration, and certification.

Online education has advanced tools available that specified e-Learning courses. Today online learning courses are popular among students, businesses, and teachers. The tools used in the industry have become easier to use. There is more content, virtual classrooms, expert advice, and a lot of interaction. 2006 to 2010 was a time duration when online education tools became quite standard in the learning field.