B.Sc Physician Assistant program

B.Sc Physician Assistant is an undergraduate degree program designed to prepare students to work as skilled healthcare professionals, assisting physicians in diagnosing and treating patients. Physician assistants work in various medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices. Here are the typical course details for a B.Sc. Physician Assistant program:

Course Duration & Eligibility Criteria:

B.Sc. Physician Assistant is generally a 3 to 4-year undergraduate program, depending on the university and country.

Completion of 10+2 education with a background in science, including subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Some universities may conduct entrance exams or interviews as part of the admission process.

Course Curriculum:

Basic Medical Sciences:

Anatomy and Physiology: In-depth study of the human body’s structure and function.

Biochemistry: Understanding biochemical processes in the human body.

Microbiology: Study of microorganisms and their relation to diseases.

Clinical Medicine:

Pathology: Study of diseases, their causes, and effects on the body.

Pharmacology: Understanding medications, their uses, and effects.

Internal Medicine: Diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases.

Pediatrics: Medical care for infants, children, and adolescents.

Surgery: Basics of surgical procedures and techniques.

Specialized Areas:

Orthopedics: Study of musculoskeletal system disorders.

Obstetrics and Gynecology: Women’s health, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Psychiatry: Mental health disorders and treatments.

Geriatrics: Healthcare for the elderly.


Public Health: Basics of community health and preventive medicine.

Healthcare Management: Principles of healthcare administration.

B.Sc Physician Assistant program is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of medical sciences and practical skills necessary for working in diverse healthcare settings. Graduates are well-equipped to contribute effectively to patient care under the guidance of licensed physicians. Please note that specific course details can vary between universities, and it’s advisable to check the curriculum of the respective institution for precise information.

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