Career for MA Bharatanatyam

Graduates with an MA Bharatanatyam degree have a range of career opportunities within the field of classical dance and related cultural domains. Here are potential career paths for MA Bharatanatyam degree graduates:

Professional Bharatanatyam Performer:

Graduates of MA Bharatanatyam degree can pursue careers as professional Bharatanatyam dancers, performing in solo or group productions for various platforms, including theaters, festivals, and cultural events.

Bharatanatyam Teacher/Instructor:

Teaching Bharatanatyam at schools, colleges, dance academies, or conducting private lessons. Graduates can pass on their knowledge and skills to the next generation of dancers.


Creating original choreography for Bharatanatyam performances. Graduates can work with dance troupes, institutions, or independently to develop innovative and captivating dance compositions.

Cultural Institutions:

Working in cultural institutions, museums, or government organizations involved in the promotion and preservation of traditional dance forms. This may include roles in programming, curation, or educational outreach.

Event Management:

Involvement in event management, coordinating and organizing Bharatanatyam performances, festivals, and cultural events. This role may involve planning, logistics, and ensuring the smooth execution of cultural programs.

Research and Documentation:

Engaging in research and documentation related to Bharatanatyam and Indian classical dance. Graduates of the MA Bharatanatyam program can contribute to the academic understanding of the dance form by researching historical, cultural, or artistic aspects.

Job Options:

Academician/Teacher in Higher Education:

Teaching Bharatanatyam at the higher education level, such as in universities or conservatories. This role may involve both practical and theoretical instruction.

Dance Critic/Journalist:

Writing reviews, articles, or critiques on Bharatanatyam performances for publications, blogs, or online platforms. This career path involves contributing to the discourse on dance and culture.

Dance Therapy:

Applying Bharatanatyam as a form of therapy to address physical, emotional, or psychological well-being. Dance therapists work in healthcare settings, schools, and community organizations.

Collaboration with Musicians and Artists:

Collaborating with musicians, composers, and other artists to create interdisciplinary performances. This can lead to innovative and unique productions that blend different art forms.

Media and Entertainment Industry:

Contributing to the media and entertainment industry by participating in films, television shows, or cultural documentaries. This may involve performing, choreographing, or providing cultural expertise.

International Performances and Collaborations:

Taking Bharatanatyam to a global stage by participating in international dance festivals, collaborating with artists from different cultures, and promoting cross-cultural understanding through dance.


Establishing a dance school, dance company, or cultural consultancy. Graduates of the MA Bharatanatyam program can contribute to the preservation and promotion of Bharatanatyam while building a sustainable career.


It’s important for graduates of the MA Bharatanatyam program to actively engage with the dance community, attend cultural events, and continuously enhance their skills and knowledge. Networking, building a strong portfolio, and staying connected with cultural organizations can open up further opportunities in the field.

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