BSc in Zoology and BSc Hons in Zoology - Differs?
BSc in Zoology and BSc Hons in Zoology - Differs?

The major difference between a BSc Zoology course and a BSc Hons in Zoology is the level of study. A BSc Zoology course is a basic undergraduate degree in the field and covers a broad range of topics related to zoology. A BSc Hons is a higher level of study, involving more in-depth research and advanced topics. It is also seen as being more prestigious and can lead to better career opportunities.  

Bachelor of Science (General) Less in demand.  All subjects have been given equal importance. Has lesser scope but one can opt for doing BEd and make a good career as a teacher in schools.  For example- To become a TGT Science teacher in Schools, the required qualification is a BSc general /BSc degree with botany and Chemistry as subjects.

Facts in BSc and B.Sc Hons Zoology:

A BSc Zoology course provides students with a sound foundation of knowledge that is for any career based on science. This Bachelor of Science program too opens several career options, though its special emphasis is multi-disciplinarity.

BSc Hons branch of science which focuses on one chosen subject of science.  High demand for higher academic and research-oriented studies and work.  One specific subject. Has a greater scope. A BSc Hons forms a base for those who want to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or Master of Science (MSc).  

The Bachelor of Science Hons program is for those students who want to pursue independent research in a particular project in their area of interest, conducted under the supervision of a designated academic staff member.

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