B.Tech Metabolic Engineering - Course Details and Eligibility.
B.Tech Metabolic Engineering - Course Details and Eligibility.

B.Tech Metabolic Engineering degree is a four-year undergraduate course. It focuses on the study of metabolic pathways and their manipulation for the production of useful products.  Then, the B.Tech Metabolic Engineering program is a relatively new field of study, and students are exposed to the latest advances in metabolic engineering. Then, which includes introducing new genes or manipulating existing genes to produce new products. 

The B.Tech Metabolic Engineering degree also explores the use of biotechnology, systems biology, and bioinformatics to design, analyze and optimize metabolic pathways. After completing the B.Tech Metabolic Engineering course, students will also have a comprehensive understanding of the principles and applications of metabolic engineering.  

B.Tech Metabolic Engineering program also allows for the optimization of existing processes. In order to improve their efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. B.Tech Metabolic Engineering graduates can also pursue higher education in related fields such as biotechnology, biochemical engineering, or bioinformatics to further enhance their career prospects.

Eligibility for B.Tech Metabolic Engineering:

  • The students must have completed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics or Biology as compulsory subjects.
  • The students must have secured a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in their 10+2 examination to apply B.Tech Metabolic Engineering degree.

Through the B.Tech Metabolic Engineering program, scientists are able to design and modify metabolic pathways in living cells. To produce useful chemicals, fuels, and other products. This field of study is important for developing new technologies and products. That can help meet the increasing global demand for energy and resources.

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