B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Subjects | Syllabus - Listed Below!!!.
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Subjects | Syllabus - Listed Below!!!.

BTech Mechanical Engineering course is a 4-year undergraduate course that deals with operation, and also construction. They are also the designs of various types of machinery and devices. Then, B.Tech Mechanical Engineering subjects like automotive systems, fluid mechanics, production technology, robotics, and automation are highly knowledge-based modules that prepare the students to develop products based on engineering analysis and technology.

Generally, B.Tech degree graduates have diverse job scopes and rewarding careers. This B.Tech Mechanical Engineering subjects also provide insight into the world of production and design and develop analytical reasoning ability. While imparting basic knowledge on the functions of machinery. A B.Tech degree student also gets to find out varied tools akin to Solid Works, Catia, Creo, Hyper Mesh, Ansys, etc.

Furthermore, the B.Tech degree focuses on engineering physics and math. Then, the students can choose electives based on their specialization and areas of interest. Generally, the BTech Mechanical Engineering course is structured as a core and elective subject. The B.Tech Mechanical Engineering subjects are divided into eight semesters then comprising an introduction to all engineering basics in the first year. 

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering core subjects:

  • Automobile Engineering
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Machine Design
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Theory of Machines
  • IC Engines
  • Strength of Materials
  • Thermodynamics
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Elective Topics in B.Tech Mechanical Engineering:

  • Fundamental Automobile Engineering 
  • Intelligent Control Systems
  • Robotics
  • Autotronics 
  • Material Handling
  • Six-Sigma Basics
  • Production Management
  • Industrial Management

Then, Lab subjects in B Tech Mechanical Engineering course:

  • Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
  • IC Engine Lab
  • Materials Science and Testing Lab
  • Machine Design
  • Thermodynamics Lab
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Workshops

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