B.Sc Physiotherapy course details.
B.Sc Physiotherapy course details.

B.Sc Physiotherapy degree is a three-year undergraduate course. Physiotherapy is a part of rehabilitation medicine. B.Sc Physiotherapy focuses on the use of physical therapy, massage, body movements, and exercise to improve and heal injuries, disabilities, and illnesses.

This B.Sc Physiotherapy course along with rehabilitation. Some other major divisions of physiotherapy are diagnosis, examination, and assessment of the condition. Those who study physiotherapy acquire a thorough knowledge of bones, nerves, and muscles and carry out treatments. 

Unlike traditional branches of medicine, physiotherapy does not rely heavily on the use of drugs and medications. Instead, it relies on using physical therapy to improve the condition. B.Sc Physiotherapy course specialty of this medicine is to provide prevention and exercise. To solve the physical movement deficiencies that occur in people.

People are involved in the work of helping the organs that are not working properly due to birth defects, injuries due to accidents, and diseases, and restoring them to the condition of how the body’s organs are functioning in a good condition. Arthritis, spondylitis, neurological disorders, heart diseases, etc. are treated with exercise and some therapies. B.Sc Physiotherapy provides basic training and therapy to people with paralysis and physical disabilities.

Eligibility for B.Sc Physiotherapy:

Students must have Biology compulsory to secure at least 50% marks in each subject. In school Must be at least 17 years of age. B.Sc Physiotherapy degree finds solutions for movement disorders and dysfunctions in body parts in the best possible way. 

Generally, students who have studied Science in 12th can join this B.Sc Physiotherapy degree. A good foundation in English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, bio-health, and movement studies is essential for those wishing to excel in physiotherapy.

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