All about Online B.Sc Geography course.

Online B.Sc Geography course is an undergraduate program that focuses on the study of the Earth’s physical features, human societies, and their interactions with the environment. The B.Sc Geography program typically spans three years, with each year divided into semesters. Students are usually required to earn a specific number of credits, typically around 120-150, to graduate. B.Sc Geography program are offered in both on-campus and online formats. Online programs allow students to access lectures, coursework, and assignments through virtual platforms.


To be eligible for a B.Sc Geography program, you typically need a high school diploma (10th, +2) or its equivalent from a recognized board. Some colleges or universities may have minimum percentage requirements, typically ranging from 45% to 55% in the qualifying exams.

Subjects covered under the Online B.Sc Geography course are as follows:

  • Physical Geography: Study of Earth’s physical features, including landforms, climate, weather, and natural hazards.
  • Human Geography: Examination of human societies, cultures, demographics, urbanization, migration, and their impact on the environment.
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS): Introduction to GIS technology for data collection, analysis, and mapping.
  • Climatology: In-depth exploration of climate patterns, meteorology, and climate change.
  • Geomorphology: Study of landforms, their formation, and evolution.
  • Environmental Geography: Focus on environmental issues, conservation, sustainability, and resource management.
  • Economic Geography: Analysis of global economic systems, trade, development, and regional disparities.
  • Urban and Regional Planning: Introduction to urbanization, city planning, and regional development.
  • Remote Sensing: Use of remote sensing technology for environmental monitoring and analysis.
  • Biogeography: Study of the distribution of species and ecosystems on Earth.
  • Political Geography: Exploration of geopolitical issues, boundaries, geopolitics, and international relations.
  • Research Methodology: Training in research techniques, data analysis, and fieldwork in geography.

Where to enroll?

Online B.Sc Geography course graduates can pursue various career paths in areas such as urban planning, environmental management, geographic information systems, climate research, and more. They can work in government agencies, research organizations, environmental consulting firms, education, and the private sector. Additionally, this program provides a solid foundation for further studies at the postgraduate level (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) in geography or related fields. 

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