B.VOC Artificial Intelligence Robotics course

A B.VOC Artificial Intelligence Robotics course equips you with the cutting-edge skills needed to shape the future of technology. The duration of this course is 3 years with 6 semesters. It covers programming, machine learning, computer vision, robotics, automation, sensor technology, and design thinking.


Passed Class 12 (10+2) from a recognized board in any stream (Science, Commerce, Arts).

Some institutes may prefer students with Mathematics, Physics, or Computer Science in Class 12.

Minimum percentage required varies between institutes, commonly ranging from 45% to 60%.

Subjects Covered:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Electronics and Programming Languages (Python, C++)
  • Sensor Technology and Data Acquisition
  • Control Systems and Mechatronics
  • Design Thinking and Project Management

Additional Subjects:

  • Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics Applications
  • Ethical Considerations in AI
  • Human-Computer Interaction and Robotics
  • Optimization Techniques and Algorithms
  • Software Design and Development for AI&R

Benefits of B.VOC Artificial Intelligence Robotics course:

Job-ready skills: Develop industry-relevant skills in demand across diverse sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, and IT.

Highly employable: AI&R graduates are highly sought-after by major tech companies, research institutions, and startups.

High earning potential: The field offers high salary packages and rapid career progression for skilled professionals.

Future-proof career: Be at the forefront of technological advancements and contribute to shaping the future of various industries.

Innovation and creativity: Indulge in a constantly evolving field that allows for creative problem-solving and design thinking.


Research programs are based on faculty expertise, industry collaborations, lab facilities, and the type of robotics platforms used. Look for programs offering specializations in areas like medical robotics, industrial automation, or AI for social good. 

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