B.E Marine Engineering course

B.E Marine Engineering course is an undergraduate engineering program that focuses on preparing students for a career in the maritime industry. The course is designed to impart knowledge and skills related to marine systems, machinery, and technology, equipping graduates to work as marine engineers on ships and in the maritime sector. B.E. Marine Engineering is typically a 4-year undergraduate program.

The curriculum covers a combination of engineering subjects, marine technology, and practical training to provide a comprehensive understanding of marine systems.

To be eligible for admission to a B.E Marine Engineering course, candidates typically need to fulfill the following criteria:

Completion of 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) as compulsory subjects.

Candidates are required to meet specific medical standards set by maritime authorities to ensure they are fit for sea service.

Skills Learned:

Mechanical Engineering Skills: Proficiency in principles of mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics as applied to marine systems.

Marine Systems Knowledge: Understanding marine propulsion systems, engine components, and auxiliary machinery used in ships.

Ship Design and Construction: Knowledge of ship design and construction principles, including the structural integrity and stability of marine vessels.

Maritime Safety and Regulations: Awareness of safety protocols, international maritime regulations, and compliance standards.

Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting: Developing skills to troubleshoot and solve problems related to marine machinery and systems during ship operations.

Communication Skills: Effective communication skills for coordinating with ship crew members, port authorities, and other stakeholders.

Leadership and Teamwork: Developing leadership qualities and teamwork skills, is crucial for working efficiently in the maritime environment.

Navigation and Seamanship: Basic knowledge of navigation principles and seamanship to collaborate effectively with the ship’s navigation team.

Subjects Covered:

The subjects covered in a B.E Marine Engineering course may include:

  • Marine Engineering Drawing: Principles of engineering drawing specific to marine applications.
  • Marine Electrical Technology: Study of electrical systems and technologies used in marine engineering.
  • Fluid Mechanics: Study of fluid behavior and its application to marine systems.
  • Strength of Materials: Understanding the strength and properties of materials used in ship construction.
  • Marine Thermodynamics: Application of thermodynamics principles to marine systems.
  • Ship Construction and Stability: Principles of ship construction, stability, and naval architecture.

Other Subjects:

  • Marine Electronics and Instrumentation: Understanding electronic systems and instrumentation used in marine applications.
  • Maritime Law and Regulations: Overview of international maritime laws, regulations, and conventions.
  • Ship Safety Management: Implementing and managing safety protocols on ships.
  • Marine Workshop Practice: Practical workshop training in marine engineering tasks and skills.
  • Shipboard Training and Internship: Hands-on experience aboard ships during training and internship periods.
  • Marine Propulsion Systems: In-depth knowledge of different types of marine propulsion systems.


Upon completion of the B.E. Marine Engineering program, graduates are eligible to pursue a career as marine engineers, naval architects, or other roles in the maritime industry. They can work on various types of vessels, including cargo ships, cruise ships, and offshore platforms. Continuous professional development and obtaining higher-level certifications are essential for career advancement in the maritime field.

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