Internet is a Bone of Online Education
Internet is a Bone of Online Education

The Internet is a worldwide system of computer networks. A bone of online education is the internet, it is simply called the net. The Internet uses a portion of the total resources of the current common telecommunication networks. It can communicate information from short and long distances. Also share information from anywhere around the world along with network access. And then in Distance education and online education internet or networks play a vital role same important as the bone of our body.

The internet is a vital tool for online learning. It is useful for self-study students. Yahoo, Google, and Bing help in studying and discovering various sources to get information in modern technology. We can search on our own without any doubt to improve and know their knowledge and get study materials on the Internet. It encourages the learner with the education process, and then also it helps to know the information.

Uses of the internet in online education :

While using the Internet provides additional information, study materials, and interesting facts to the students. The online learning process is made more interesting and effective than regular textbooks, as well as increasing brain activities. People can use the internet to improve their quality of study and at the time it saves time for gathering information. Moreover, Distance education also has these kinds of uses on the internet. And then Some of the uses  internet  in online education  are as follows;

  • Cost Effective and Affordable Education
  • Effective Teaching and Learning Tools
  • Easy Access to Quality Education
  • Easy Sharing of knowledge
  • Helps Distance learners
  • Used importantly in General training of brain
  • Used to spread awareness for Combating poverty
  • Used in Virtual classrooms

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